Pros and Cons of Electric Cars

November 8, 2019/Buy a Car At Dealers Cost

All our life we have been using fuel cars it has been a bit hard to make a move in electric cars without knowing the facts and having the proper knowledge. Everything comes with the pros and cons so do the electric cars.

Let’s monitor what these pros and cons are and how can they affect us. It will provide you a proper insight that you can now leave fueled cars and make a move in electric cars.


  • Environmental Friendly

Electric cars are better for the environment as emit zero emissions in compared to fuel vehicles they are not polluting the environment. You can contribute to making your planet better and healthier by switching to the use of electric cars.

  • Less Noise

Fuel or conventional cars blow the horn on a busy road as they own it. No, that’s not the reason it’s the engine that makes the noise. Electric cars are silent, they do not make any sort of noise and disturb the other pedestrians.

  • Runs fast

The up-gradation in technology has reached the heights as the use of technology and powerful engines run fast in comparison to any of the fuel cars.

  • Less Maintenance required

The maintenance is not required on a frequent or monthly basis, you are bounded with things like servicing, oil change, etc. The parts of the electric cars do not move much which means fewer chances of wear and tear in the vehicle. Even the brakes don’t get which means savings on these too.

  • Benefits of driving electric cars

You receive the tax credits from the government as you’re contributing to making the environment healthy as driving electric cars means zero-emission of cars.

Tax rebate is related to saving the planet with harmful gases and receiving the amount of $7,500 which entirely depends on the vehicle which you are using.



  • Shorter Range

Electric cars cover a short-range and are limited to 60 to 100 miles. There are few models who can range up to 200 and 300 miles per charge.

  • Charging requires more time

The charge of electric cars requires more time than filling the fuel at the gas station. Electric cars engine take the time of 4-5 hrs of time to get charged and you can fill the fuel tank within 10-15 mins at the nearest station.

  • Lesser availability of charging stations

Road trip or off-roading you’ll get the lesser place to charge your vehicle which causes the problem in driving. The remote areas does not provide you the option of recharging the vehicle but nowadays electric vehicle are gaining popularity but still not that popular which can solve the problems of consumers.

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