Why Electric cars are better than fuel cars?

November 8, 2019/Buy a Car At Dealers Cost

Less Maintenance Required

Electric cars have less moveable parts which means less wear and tear which means less requirement of fixing the car. This means you can save a lot of money which you spend on the maintenance of cars such as service charges, change of oil, etc.

The only issue which comes in electric cars is related to the batteries and that too comes with the warranty of 8 years/ 100k mile warranty. The batteries last up to 15 years which means it is adding value to your money.

Do electric cars provide same performance as of fuel cars?

Yes, electric cars are high-performance vehicles with high torque power which tends to be way quick and smooth. They provide a comfortable ride people used to criticize that lately but their viewpoint has changed towards the use of electric cars as it provides pleasure at the time of driving and enhances your experience.

Electric cars cost less than fuel cars

They cost less than the fuel cars and do not go harsh on your pocket or you can say electric cars are pretty affordable. It has been observed that electric cars owners do not undergo the services for quite a long time.

  • Fewer movable parts which mean no chance of wear or tear.
  • No charges related to gas, oil changes, smog test, etc.

Too lazy to go out and fuel the car?

I think your wish has been fulfilled by the launch of electric cars you can simply plug in at work or home and as well as charge it on the road. No worry or taking the pain of going at the gas station to get it refueled or feel the pain of standing in the lines.

In addition, there is an inclusion of EV charging, the power generated goes into the batteries is increased by the renewable resources. Electric cars are considered as the future in transportation as they are contributing to the environment and leaving a positive impact on the same.

Which one is better electric or gas cars?

If you share the love for speed electric cars are your go-to ride as the speed goes up from zero to 60 mph.

  • The electric car produces more horsepower as compared to gas cars as the fewer movable parts which provide them the power to run more efficiently.
  • The instant torque and powertrain enable the electric vehicle to run fast more than the fuel cars.
  • It has a major disadvantage in terms of transmission electric cars that requires sustainability in the long run which means the need for power transmission is a must.

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